Hi and welcome to fleur de lis, a P3+ site. If you don't know what petz is, well, go and google Petz 4. Thank you to Tash for hosting us! This layout is version 10, Relapse. After being gone from the petz community for a long time I find "Relapse" a perfect name for coming back to petz. It really is an addiction for me, you know! I've downgraded a whole lot, because all I feel like taking care of right now are adoptions, so this is just a simple one-page site for now. Featured in the banner is Relli the cali mix from Anna @ Peanut and Cheese the dali mix from Amy @ Wild Rose. I thought they were all matchy and cute together! So anyway, while you're here take a look at the adoptions below and see if you want to take anyone home with you!


4 new dog litters added 11 Sep 2014
Adoption stats updated 11 Mar 2015

✗ I use Petz 4, so all these petz will be compatible with Petz 3, 4, & 5.
✗ All these petz will be high generation, inbred, and tree-trimmed, unless otherwise noted.
✗ Boys = ♂
✗ Girls = ♀
Italic = My favorite of the litter
✗ Hidden markings are painted in adult pictures

Azure & Savor

Petal ♀ - Celexa ♀ - Primula ♀ - Hugh ♂ - Dagobah
Adult Pic

All these danes have mutt patches that include at least chest and face patches. Petal and Primula have selfie lids, the rest have black. Hugh has poodle ears, the rest have dane ears. Dagobah is a shortie.

Bora & Tiger

Polixenes ♀ - Brandybuck ♀ - Amorous ♀ - Saleucami ♀ - Finial ♂ - Radiation
Adult Pic

Classic tamsins! All have black eyelids. All have mutt patches with at least a chest patch and face blaze. Amorous has a black snout patch and Radiation has a double chest patch.

Kelly & Shep

Otho ♂ - Fair ♀ - Alderaan ♂ - Drizella ♀ - Fibrinoid
Adult Pic

What a cute litter of sheepie mixes! All have mutt patches including at least a chest patch and face blaze. Otho has a poodle coat. Drizella has a scottie coat. Fibrinoid and Drizella have dane ears. Drizella also has beautiful black eyes.

✗ Don't put up for sale, auction, or download
✗ Keep FDL's in the prefix if shown
✗ Respectfully MPA or delete if no longer wanted
✗ Feel free to name-change, gender swap, or brex eyelids
✗ You can adopt as many as you like, but please only choose one from each litter.
✗ Send the form below to bubblybmw@gmail.com to adopt your petz! Title it something like "fleur de lis adoption" to help me out.

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