28th November 2010

Thanks for all the positive feedback, it really means a lot to me and makes me want to keep updating!

A lot of petz have been adopted and sent out, which is great. I'm glad the majority of you seem to like what's up here.

6 new litters too. Feel free to leave me some litter suggestions on the tagboard.

Also, my links are in need of updating! If you have an active petz site and would like to do a link exchange, then please do drop me an e-mail.

The Update Network

~ This is Togo and he was bred by Karrie. She's such a doll and I absolutely love her colouring - those blue eyebrows and toes are so cute. She also has awesome dachie ears. Thanks so much for her, Karrie!

{ Welcome !

Hello and welcome to Racecar, a petz 4 site created and run by me, Tash. Don't know what petz is? Then I suggest you head on over to Petz.com for more information. Previous sites that I've owned include Classifieds, Snivellus, Panties and Smee.

Racecar is currently on version 7. After taking a massive hiatus due to a lack of time and interest I've unfortunately lost count of how many layouts there have been. Featured on this layout are Bedlam, hexed by Loxie; Harli, hexed by Michy; Fidget, bred by Angel; Hasp bred by Amber; Fascism, hexed by Liv and Terrence, bred by Jade - Thank you!

This is just a one page site for now since I'm away in Guernsey and don't have as much time to update. There will only be bred petz here as I'm yet to attempt hexing, but I hope you enjoy them all the same! Also, Racecar is hosted on my domain petz.nu; check it out if you're looking for free hosting for your petz sites.

{ Adopt !

dewia x deboxta ~

Charles - Cait - Colin - Cindy - Connor

An adorable kitty litter if I do say so myself! All of these guys have maine coon faces apart from Colin, who is a beast of a tabby. I really like the colour combinations and they all have chest patches and face stripes. Charles and Connor have big feet and Colin and Cindy are the only two without poofy tails.

POTL = Charles

bobby x terrence ~

Derek - Daphne - Douglas - Damon - Daisy

Have some labs because I seriously must have some sort of addiction with breeding them. Derek and Douglas have scottie ears and the rest have dachie ears. I personally think the colour combos in this litter are great and the spots are awesome.

POTL = Derek

charm x chunklet ~

Emily - Edna - Eric - Evan - Ella

Random persian mix litter with a tabby thrown in for good measure. Quite an odd bunch but they're all cute in their own way! I love the texture on Evan and Ella does have a chest patch too.

POTL = Edna & Ella

stoic x tibalt ~

Lucas - Leroy - Lara - Liam - Lina

Some cute lab mixies! All of these guys have mutt ears apart from Liam, who has dachie ears, and Leroy has a smooth dachie coat. All of them have chest patches, Lucas has a double nose patch and both he and Leroy are trotters.

POTL = Lara

mars x odin ~

Justin - James - Jackie - Jules - Jennifer
Julian - Jenna

Dali mixies bred with the OW Shar-pei file by KC and the German Shepherd mutt file. When bred without the files, these guys should produce pretty tamsins/dali mixies. A bit disappointed with the lack of variety in the litter but I still think they're all gorgeous!

POTL = Jules

honk x rory ~

Morris - Maisy - Maeg - Michael - Mischa - Malachy

I'm quite a fan of Russian Blue's, I think they are so fun. All of these guys have chest patches and faces stripes and I'm particularly fond of the alley spots!

POTL = Malachy

bernice x chicken ~

Harvey - Haley - Hank - Hugo - Harriet

Tall bullie mixies since I think they're cute in a goofy kind of way! Harvey and Hank have big poofy feet and Haley and Harriet are trotters.

POTL = Harvey

corla x togo ~

India - Igor - Iago - Imogen - Ivan - Isobel

Adorable dachie eared dalmation mixies. These guys were bred with the FBD Boxer OW, but when bred without it they should produce cute tamsins/dali mixies. India is the only one without dachie ears but she was too pretty delete and Ivan has neat black eyes.

POTL = Ivan

akipaki x legend ~

Kevin - Kitty - Kaleb - Kirsty - Kristen - Kyle - Katherine

Cali/oshie mixies! I love the variety in this litter and all of them have chest patches and face stripes. Kevin, Kaleb and Katherine are osh mixies.

POTL = Kitty

{ Rules/apply !

Four petz per update, two per litter
Keep 'Racecar' in the show name
Don't put them up for download. Send back to me or MPA them
Manners, manners, manners - they're not that hard :p
Replying to let me know that you've received the pet is appreciated

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