Hello and welcome to Wicked! I've lost track as to what version this layout would be, but I'll call it "Rockin' Mutts" for kicks and giggles. Anyway, I'm Janelle, and those crazy mutts up there are Wizzard and Merlin. I adopted the two of them on December 25, 1998, as my first petz. They are naturally raised, always have been and always will. I love them harder than you can imagine.

So, this is a Petz 3+ adoption site, and yes, I have converted it to a one-page adoption site again. That's pretty much all I do sooo, figured a downsize would be good! The Cbox is down there at the bottom and I love getting Cbox love! Let me know what you think of the new digs!

Wicked was last updated on: March 22, 2011.

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Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday
Well I was going for poodle-eared dalis and got some cute ones! Friday is my POL because Fridays are pay-days!

Lettuce - Tomato - Onion - Mustard - Pepper
Mmmm, all the toppings I like on sandwiches. I want a sandwich. Pepper goes good on everything so she's POL!


[x] POL is in bold and requires a short why.
[x] Genders not specified thanks to PetzA.
[x] These are high generation and inbred.
[x] Adopted petz are crossed out.
[x] No breedfiles needed unless specified.
[x] All are freebies unless specified.
[x] All are from Petz 4 and work in any version.
[x] Minor cosmetic changes are okay.


THEWICKED is my prefix. I don't care if you use it or not. [x]
Maximum two petz per litter. [x]
Do not put up for download or any auto-adoption site. [x]
If no longer wanted, MPA or delete. [x]
Show your new pet(z) off! xD [x]


Please send the following form to: thewickedkc@ymail.com

Please title the subject "Wicked Adoption" or something to that effect.
Please don't just leave the subject blank. Thanks!

[x] Your Name:
[x] Your Website (optional)
[x] Pet(z) Wanted:
[x] From Which Litter:
[x] Why (only if POL):